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Chromebook Functionality Check

When repairing a chromebook or assessing it for damage, please follow the following procedures when either determining if a chromebook needs repairs or to check that the chromebook is fully functioning after it has been repaired:

1. Wipe Chromebook

If any chromebook is brought in for repairs, it needs to be wiped first. 

Power down the chromebook. Hold down Escape and Refresh(the arrow in a circle) and push the power button. When the OS recovery screen loads, hit CTRL-D. Press the key that is listed to turn OS verification off. This is usually space or enter. When the chromebook switches to OS Verification is off, press the key to turn OS verification ON. This is usually space or enter. If requested, hit Enter to confirm.

The chromebook will reboot a few times and will eventually will come back to the setup screen. Connect the chromebook to PISD-Public when prompted for a network, and continue setup. The chromebook should come up to an enterprise enrollment screen. If it loads to a normal google login screen, hit CTRL-ALT-E to load enterprise enrollment. Log in with your district email and continue the setup. Once the Chromebook is at the log in screen, log in and continue the steps below.

2. Check for updates

Once logged in to the Chromebook, click the clock in the bottom right corner, and click the settings gear in the window that opens.

In the new window, click the About Chrome OS tab and click 'Check for Updates'

3. Verify Mouse

In Chrome, open

Click the touchpad in and/or press the left and right click buttons where applicable to verify that the inputs are registering.

4. Verify Touch Screen

In Chrome, open

Using the touchscreen, draw on the screen from edge to edge and corner to corner to verify the touchscreen is working.

5. Verify Keyboard

In Chrome, open

Press each key on the keyboard and verify that it turns green in the webpage.

6. Verify Speakers/Microphone

In chrome, open

Use the 'test my mic' button to make a recording and play the recording back. You will need to allow access when asked in Chrome. Please verify that you can hear the recording properly. If not, the mic or speakers may be faulty.

7. Verify Webcam

In chrome, open

Once your webcam is loaded, click the 'Test my cam' button. You will need to allow access when asked in Chrome. Please verify that you can see the webcam properly. If not, the webcam may be faulty.