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Login Cheat Sheet

This document is intended for staff members. If you are a substitute teacher, please click here.


Princeton ISD uses multiple systems that you may be required to use. This document outlines some of the more common systems and how to access them. If you are unsure which systems pertain to you, please see your supervisor for more information. If you are having trouble accessing a system that you need, please create a Helpdesk ticket in Eduphoria. You may also contact the Technology Helpdesk at extension 2099 or (469) 952-5414


Google SSO

Google SSO means that the app uses Google to sign you in. That means that, as long as you are signed in to your Princeton ISD Google account, you should be able to use the Sign in with Google button on the website to log in without a password.

Quick Reference Table

This section is intended as a quick reference. For more information about these resources, please scroll down.

System Typical Username Default Password POC for Access Issues
District Computer FirstName.LastName Welcome Email from

Technology (469) 952-5414

Classlink Same as Computer Login Same as Computer Login

Technology (469) 952-5414

Google Services (including Gmail) Classlink SSO Classlink SSO

Eduphoria Ticket

Infinite Campus Classlink SSO
Classlink SSO

Campus PEIMS coordinator


PISD Website

<First Initial><Surname>




Eduphoria Ticket

(District Website category)

Eduphoria Classlink SSO Classlink SSO

Technology (469) 952-5414

SmartFind Express Employee ID Employee ID
Employee Access Google SSO
Google SSO
Google SSO
Google SSO
Teks Resource System PISD Email Address Use the Forgot Password? link on the login page

Eduphoria Ticket

TimeClock Plus Employee ID N/A

EduHero Google SSO Google SSO

Eduphoria Ticket

District Computers & Classlink

The credentials for your computer login and Classlink are the same. You should receive these through the Welcome email from when you are hired. The Welcome email is sent to your personal email address on file with HR. If you need a new welcome email sent to you, please contact Technology at (469) 952-5414.


Typical Username:   FirstName.LastName (e.g. Princeton.Panthers)

Default Password:    Check Welcome email from

POC for Access:   Technology Helpdesk

PLEASE NOTE: The username is not your email address. Do NOT include the '' or the login will fail.

Gmail & Other Google Services

Gmail and other Google services (e.g. Google Drive, Google Meets, etc) can be accessed by using the icons in Classlink. Under ideal circumstances, you will be logged into that Google service without any further effort.

There may be times when you're prompted for an email address to login. Please enter your PISD email address. This should redirect you to the Classlink login page where you can enter your Classlink credentials. You should then have access to the Google service. For more information on this, please visit the knowledge base article here.

Username:   Classlink SSO

Password:   Classlink SSO

POC for Access:   Eduphoria Ticket or Technology Helpdesk

Substitute Teachers do not have access to Google services, however your email address can still be used for logging into other services that use Google to sign in.

Infinite Campus


Typical Username:   Classlink SSO

Default Password:   Classlink SSO

POC for Access:   Campus PEIMS Coordinator or Ms. Kristin Perkins (

Princeton ISD Website

The Princeton ISD website is where your teacher webpage exists. You can login to this site to create and update your webpage.


Typical Username:   First Initial & Surname (e.g. PPanthers)   or   FirstName.LastName (e.g. Princeton.Panthers)

Default Password:   P@nthers

POC for Access:   District Webmaster, Ms. Katie Guinn (


This platform is used for multiple purposes including Testing, Staff Evaluations, and Maintenance/Technology Tickets. This system can be accessed by using the Eduphoria Icon in the Classlink launchpad. 


Username:   Classlink SSO

Default Password:   Classlink SSO

POC for Access:   Technology Helpdesk

SmartFind Express

This system is used to request time off and substitute teachers. 


Typical Username:   Employee ID

Default Password:   Employee ID

POC for Access:

If you have never logged into this account, you MUST call (469) 717-4561 to setup your account. PLEASE NOTE: you MUST call from a personal phone number; this CANNOT be done with a district phone. After completing this phone setup, you will be able to access your account through the login page.

Having trouble logging in? See view the "Flowchart - PowerSchoolAccountAccess" PDF file attached to this article. This ONLY works if you have already setup your account through the phone number.

Employee Access

This platform manages personal information and can be used to track Salary/Benefits information.


URL (Former Employees):

Typical Username:   Google SSO

Default Password:   Google SSO

POC for Access:

Having trouble logging in? See view the "Flowchart - PowerSchoolAccountAccess" PDF file attached to this article

TalentEd (Employee Records)

This platform is used to fill out employee documents including on-boarding documents, contract renewals, and other employee record-keeping.


URL (On-Boarding):

Username:   Google SSO

Password:   Google SSO

POC for Access:

New hire employees should use the On-Boarding URL. Once your account has been fully setup, you can access your employee records with the normal URL and your PISD email address.

Having trouble logging in? See view the "Flowchart - PowerSchoolAccountAccess" PDF file attached to this article

TEKS Resource System

Access TEKS resources. This system is mostly intended for teachers.


Typical Username:   PISD Email Address

Default Password:   Welcome Email from

POC for Access:   Eduphoria Ticket or Technology Helpdesk

You can reset your password for this system by selecting the Forgot Password option, and entering your PISD email address. It will send an email to your PISD inbox with instructions to reset the password.

TimeClock Plus

This is the system for tracking employee work hours (for positions that require it).


Username:   Employee ID

POC for Access:

Instructions for setting up the mobile app can be found at

Time Clock Managers can access their dashboard from


This system is used for professional development courses.


Username:   Google SSO

Default Password:   Google SSO

POC for Access:   Technology Helpdesk