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Record Yourself with VLC

It is possible to use VLC to capture audio and video from your webcam to a video file. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open VLC media player
  2. Click Media > Open Capture Device (or press Ctrl + C)
  3. From the Video device name dropdown, select your camera.
  4. From the Audio device name dropdown, select your audio device.
  5. Click the arrow next to the Play button and click Convert (or press Ctrl + O)
  6. If you want to see yourself as you record, check the Display the output box in the Settings section.
  7. In the Destination section, click Browse.
  8. Browse to the location where you want your video to be saved and enter a name in the File name field.
  9. Click Save then click Start
  10. Once you are finished recording, click the Stop button at the bottom of the VLC window.