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Use the Knowledge Base


Navigation Getting Started The knowledge base is organized into books and chapters. The best place to begin browsing at the books page. There is a link labeled Books on the blue bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, click the image below. Books and C...

Use the App Portal on Windows


Princeton ISD provides an app portal which can be accessed from district machines to install district software through a self-service process. For the purpose of this tutorial, Google Drive File Stream will be used but the process is the same for every item in...

Use Google Drive File Stream on Windows


Google Drive File Stream is an application that enables access to Google Drive and Google Team Drive files as if they were network drives (like the U and P drives). This method of access provides a best of both worlds scenario that combines the speed of a loca...

Manage Google Team Drives


This article is a quick overview of basic Google Team Drive functionality. For more information see Google's Learning Center article on the subject (link). Creating a Team Drive From the Team Drives page (link), click New (upper-left corner). Give the Tea...

Use Gmail to Open Email Links


In order to open Email (mailto) links, Gmail must be allowed to act as a service handler. This tutorial explains how to do that. Open Google Chrome Go to In the address bar, click the Service Handler button (see below) Click Allow then click ...

Standardized Testing


Chromebooks When using a Chromebook for standardized testing there is no need to log in. Click the Apps button at the bottom of the login screen and select the desired test. From there, follow instructions for the specific test which should be located in the ...

Brother HL-L2300D Toner Reset

Classroom Troubleshooting Printer

The Brother HL-L2300D printer may report low toner when there is still toner left in the cartridge. This error will not always be resolved by replacing the toner. Complete the following steps to reset the toner counter. Press and Hold the Power button until...

Accounts Overview

This article aims to demystify how logins work in Princeton ISD. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please call 2099 for assistance. Terms Source of Authority (SOA) A Source of Authority (SOA) as it applies in Technology is a syste...

Clear a Web Page Cache


Sometimes updates to a website will cause the site to appear broken for people who have previously visited the site. This is usually caused by caching. The quickest way to fix the issue is to clear your cache for the website that is not working correctly. Na...

Google Single Sign On with ClassLink


If you are unable to log in to your Google account and need immediate assistance, call 2099. If you are not calling from a district phone, call (469) 952-5414. Overview Single Sign On (SSO) in Google will look slightly different depending on the Google servi...

Set the Print Code for a Ricoh Copier

Printers and Copiers

Right click on the Start menu and click Control Panel Under Hardware and Sound click View devices and printers Right click on the printer and click Printing Preferences Click the Detailed Settings tab Click the Job Setup menu item Enter your print cod...

Set Black and White Printing as Default

Printers and Copiers

Right click on the Start menu and click Control Panel Under Hardware and Sound click View devices and printers Right click on the printer and click Printing Preferences Change the Color/Black and White setting to Black and White Click Apply then OK

Using ClassLink at Home


ClassLink required a browser extension to do automatic logins to certain services. If you are trying to use a service that logs you in automatically when you are at school but does not log you in automatically when you are at home then you will need to install...

Virtual Student How-To


Log in to Google Chrome for school Log in to ClassLink Log in to Google Classroom Join a Class in Google Classroom Join a Live Google Meet Class Using Google Meet Complete and Turn in Google Slides Activity Complete and Turn in a Google Do...

Reset Student Passwords


The system for resetting passwords is still a work in progress. If you have any trouble please put in a tech request in Eduphoria. Teachers and designated campus managers now have the ability to reset passwords for students under their care. Log in to Clas...

Record Yourself with VLC


It is possible to use VLC to capture audio and video from your webcam to a video file. To do so, follow the instructions below. Open VLC media player Click Media > Open Capture Device (or press Ctrl + C) From the Video device name dropdown, select your ca...

Lunch Barcodes

Printing Lunch Barcodes Teachers are able to print lunch barcodes for their students using the Rostering Portal available in ClassLink. Click on the Rostering Portal in ClassLink. (Alternatively, go to and click Sign In w...